It encourages the income generated activities and empowers the people of lower or middle financial positions.

It works for the welfare of the members of the society by assisting them financially.

It secures the social and cultural legacy with the help of co-operative moment run by the founder members and other people of the society by assisting financially to its members.

It provides financial assistance on reasonable interest rates to its members. It provides facility to get good interest income on their deposits to its members.


To make financial services universally available to promote alleviation through the development of a strong sustainable economic infrastructure using financially sound market mechinisums.


Linking the promotion ofsustainable livehoods with income generation activities for the community.

Ensuring that all members follows democratic way of making policies and electing repersentative and have equal voice.

Ensure that all the profit are controlled democratically by members and for their benifit.

Enhance accessibility of financial services.


Inculcate good habits of saving in the coperative members.

Infocus on poor,low income and deprived people of he community, especially women who have no acessibility to any financial institution

Provide opportunities to people to organize services collectively by pooling their resources without depending upon the government or other resources.

Seek active participation of all members without any kind of social, political gender or religions discrimination.

Provide education , trainng and information to development their members as well as their staff.

Enhance women's participation and decision in policy making process at all levels.