Any member of the society can avail facility of financial assistance whether on account of his deposit amount in the shape of Secured Loan i.e. against FDR or Regular Loan.

Procedure for regular loan:

1. Get loan form free of cost to the society office.

2. Completely filled form with affixing recent photograph of the applicant/borrower and annexed with the proof of identity, residence, copy of PAN and salary slips or proof of monthly or annual income should be deposited in the society office upto 25th day of the month.

3. All the documents must be “Self Attested” by the applicant.

4. There is mandatory requirement of four sureties to the applicant.

5. The surety must be “regular member” of the society and they must be non-defaulter in any type.

6. The applicant must have the share money amounting to 10% of the sanctioned loan before getting the loan.

*** All the transactions of the society can be made in the form of cash or cheque ***